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University undergraduate and postgraduate courses AEA aims at promoting Australian education to international students and enhancing educational exchange in Australia. We have over 17 years’ experience in handling school applications and student VISA; arranging accommodation and organizing study tours. As a professional education agency, we represent both public and private education institutions here in Western Australia including universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools, as well as English language schools.  Courses you may be interested in including:

  • University and university pathway courses
  • TAFE courses
  • English Courses include IELTS preparation courses
  • Junior and senior high schools
  • and much more …  




Representing Institutions


And more...

  • Contact us today to discuss what you would like to study, how to apply or renew your VISA and other issues that you may concern.
  • Migrate to Australia is some people's dream, discuss with us today and see if you are qualified to get the entry ticket!!!



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