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At Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, we're proud to have more than 22,000 students and 2,000 staff from across 90 different countries with a desire to discover, use their imaginations and ultimately make a difference.

We embrace free thinking and encourage our Murdoch community to share ideas, pool knowledge and find new ways of thinking. Across Australia, we're recognised for excellent teaching, ground-breaking research and our high number of satisfied students.

Comments from students 

'Different teaching method and different knowledge'

'I learnt to get a balance between thinking independently and teamwork.'

'I improved my spoken English a lot. We went to the seaside and took a photo there, which impressed me most. Because it made us like a big team.'

'My English skill is getting better. The people here are friendly and heart-warming. I got a person's aid one time. I lost my way. He's very helpful and heart-warming'

'I learnt a lot of things. Improved my English, ate some delicious food. Seen beautiful scenery'



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