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Founded in 1999, AEA has more than 20 years of experience in Australian education services and has offices in Nanjing, Hong Kong, and Perth. Provide one-stop service for students who are interested in applying to Australian schools, and free of college application fees.

Admissions consultants have obtained the professional qualification of Education Agent Counsellor certified from Professional International Education Resources (PIER). AEA teachers will provide comprehensive and pertinent advice on further studies according to students' different needs, learning interests and education levels. At the same time, AEA will also help students go through the university application procedures, apply for student visas, arrange travel plan and accommodation. Even follow-up to help students encounter difficulties in overseas life and academics.

AEA maintains long term partnerships with major universities in Australia. Different types of seminars are held regularly every year so that students and parents can keep up with the latest information on Australian studies. We are also committed to helping clients apply for different types of visas and join Australian immigration programs. Our mission is to promote Australia's high-quality learning and living environment for the entire world. Promote the internationalization of Australian education, enhance educational and cultural exchanges with other countries.


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