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Homestay (including meals): AUD $18,500 - $26,000 per year

Homestay is the fastest way for students to adapt and integrate into the local culture. It is also mandatory for the students who is under 18 years old. All host families in Australia must be formally registered and strictly selected by the local authorities so that students can get a safe living environment. Host families generally provide 16 meals within a week and a separate bedroom. Students can also specify their own living habits, physical conditions and preferences, such as whether they accept living with others or pets. After the application is successful, the school will send the specific homestay information to the students so the students can have a basic understanding of the members and the situation in the homestay before arrival.

         Sharing Food


School dormitory (Not include meals):AUD $190 - $460 per Week

School dormitories are generally located around the campus, which can save students time and money on transportation. In the dormitory, students can also make friends from different cultures. Generally, school dormitories provide single or double rooms for students to choose. The rooms will be equipped with complete furniture, shared or separate toilets and kitchens. The dormitories of some colleges and universities will provide cleaning services and meal services, but the specific price will vary according to different levels of demand.



Rental (Above 18 years old):$150 - $400 per Week

Students over the age of 18 can rent houses on their own. Students can find suitable houses through real estate agents or rental websites, but they need to be careful and pay attention to the lease contract and terms. Before signing a contract, you need to double check the content of the contract: such as deposit, water and electricity fees, furniture, additional miscellaneous fees, etc.



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